Vamvakou Revival established in August 2018 as a Social Cooperative Enterprise, aims to bring new life to the village by drawing on the history, human capital, and natural wealth of the region, as well as guidance and financial support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

The organization was founded by a group of friends with strong ties to Vamvakou. Our vision for the sustainable development of the village has as its primary objective the return of a greater number of permanent residents to the community. By creating good jobs and comfortable modern living conditions, we hope to see Vamvakοu bustling with families and children and to hear the school bell ring once again.

A fundamental element of the plan is the improving, maintaining, and ensuring optimal use of the structures and infrastructure of the village. Business activities taking place will combine the authentic history and tradition of their setting with innovative practices.

The first phase of the project involves welcoming visitors to enjoy the recreational opportunities offered by the natural wealth of the Parnon mountain. In the second phase, through a collaborative process, new business activities with an emphasis on creativity will be developed, primarily in the innovation, agritourism and agricultural sector.

The village is of special importance to the Vamvakou Revival team, but also the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, as it is the place where the founder, Stavros Niarchos, had his roots. However, it is not the only Greek village ready for revitalization. 

Our hope is that Vamvakou will chart a course to revival that other villages around Greece and abroad may follow.